Board of Education

  • President: Beth Rooney (expires December 2024)
  • Vice President: Scott Nodes (expires December 2025)
    • Kevin Bayne (expires December 2023)
    • Laura Choi (expires December 2024)
    • Amanda Girgis (expires December 2025)
    • Victoria Little (Expires December 2025) 
    • Simone Patterson (expires December 2024)
    • Laura Steets (expires December 2023)
    • Denise Valle (expires December 2023)

Superintendent:Tina Neely
Business Administrator: Tim Mantz
Board Secretary:  Ranea Pesaresi

Regularly Scheduled Meetings through December 2023

January 25, 2023 CANCELED,  February 22, 2023, March 6, 2023- Board Ethics Training, March 15, 2023, April 26, 2023, May 31, 2023, June 28, 2023, July- NO MEETING, August 23, 2023, September 27, 2023, October 18, 2023, November 29, 2023, December 20, 2023.

Meetings will be held at 6:30 P.M. at the Greenwich School, 101 Wyndham Farm Boulevard, Stewartsville, NJ. The public is invited to attend.

Board Agendas and Minutes

Board agendas are available two days prior to each meeting.  Board Minutes are available two days after they have been approved by the Board.   Please click here for agendas and minutes.  To view the actual document, click on the meeting date.  

Board Bylaws, Policies and Regulations

Please click here to view Bylaws, Policies, and Regulations. 

Additional Resources

Since 1914, the New Jersey School Boards Association has served local school boards through advocacy, training and direct services.  Please visit their website to learn more about schools boards and the NJSBA.

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